Guide to Osaka Museum of Natural History

Main Exhibition Building Closure :Dec.28, 2016-Jan. 4, 2017.
Mon. February 6, 2017 - Tue. February 28, 2017.

Due to facilities maintenance, Osaka Museum of Natural History is closed its Main Exhibition during February.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Information Center (New Building, admission free) including museum shop is open to public, except for Monday.

Welcome to Osaka Museum of Natural History,
This museum is concerned with our living nature and the history of the life and the earth.
We have two buildings for exhibition. "Flower, Greenery and Nature
Information Center" and "Main Building".
In the Information Center, we provide you all kinds of information about
nature of Osaka, and in the Main building, we have regular exhibition
"Story of human and Nature interaction".
Please enjoy Nature of Osaka with us.

Visitor's guide leaflet(PDF)

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  Natural History of Osaka (Information Center)
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