We have variety of activities as follows.

œResearch activity
We research the nature and geological history of Osaka. Each curatorial staff has a professional speciality and perform his/her own studies, as well as collaborate as a team.

œCollection and preservation
We collect specimens and literature related to the natural history widely. These are utilized for scientific research and exhibition. We have to preserve of them for succeeding to the next generation.

œEducational activity
We operate lots of educational events, such as nature hiking, workshops, lectures, botanic tours and so on. We also accept the guest scientists and museum trainees from universities.

œAssociation of Osaka Museum of Natural History
There is an "Friends of Osaka Museum of Natural History", organaized by members who use the museum extensively to study nature. For information, please ask tomonokai@omnh.jp
œInformation Counter
There is two information counter with curatorial staff. Your questions about nature and exhibition and activities are welcome.